Friday, April 27, 2012

Theme Park - Two Hours (RAC)

Aaaaand hello there loyal followers. Today begins our shift into a new format on this blog.

Following our poll and while discussing it betwixt ourselves, Jacob and I have decided to move in the direction of a one-post a day format.

The blogosphere moves fast, people. And to keep you up to speed, we hope to get great music out to you faster. It will also make our jobs easier by not needed a big chunk of time in which to get a post out.

And onto my song for the day.

Remix Artists Collective (RAC) is truly a wonder in the world of new music. He remixes songs I've never heard of (like this one) and makes them into catchy tracks that always flow well. He doesn't get as much hype as Kap Slap or Adventure Club, but I would highly recommend going through his soundcloud page for some hidden gems. This song is a relaxed beauty that simply makes you happy, makes you want to go outside, makes you want to kick off your shoes.
Theme Park - Two Hours (RAC)   

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