Sunday, April 1, 2012

Throwing Music at Ya

Tons of music to throw at you tonight, so get your speakers and/or headphones ready. I mean, it's a rainy Sunday night, what else have you got going on?

Because of the rain, I'm going to start an ambient gem of a track. Thievery Corporation, one of the best ambient names in the industry released this song in their album, Culture of Fear, in 2011. Experimentation in this song is incredible, and I have been bumping this song for several weeks now. Felt like the right atmosphere to pose it to all of you.
Take My Soul - Thievery Corporation

All relaxed and feeling good after that last one? Well snap out of it! Got a banger here for you. Yes, yes I know there are a bajillion remixes of Martin Solveig, and guess's another. An awesome song for cruising on a summer night. Feel good electronic, is there any better new genre?
The Night Out - Martin Solveig (A-Trak vs. Martin Rework)

Ah, Dragonette. The feel good vibes coming from this song are intoxicating. Then again, the genre the group posts this song under is simply, "Joy". Thought-provoking lyrics filled when a body-gyrating beat. Guess the spring songs have arrived.
Let It Go - Dragonette

Mashup-Germany is back. What I love about this song and about him overall is how he'll take either old or slightly not mainstream tracks to mashup into a song that can still get people onto the dancefloor. While other mashup producers pick over a few of the same songs, Mashup-Germany will bypass all of that are create unbelievable mashups. According to him, a new album is upcoming. Can't wait.
Numb Encore 2012 - Mashup-Germany

Now for another complete switchup. A very pleasant surprise came to me in the form of Wildlife Control. In an era of computer-produced music, dubstep, and EDM, no matter how much we may like those, it is just fantastic to hear a straight up band producing music with guitar, drums, bass and piano. Dig it.
People Change - Wildlife Control

Our boy AceJack is back. And back with another "electronic journey" as I like to call it. You'll find the same basic beat going throughout out this song, while he moves through drum and bass, tip-toes on dubstep, comes out unscathed, and emerges with another brilliant saga through the world of electro. Watch this producer.
Discovery - AceJack

And finally, as promised, we send you off with another ambient great, Teen Daze. This song will just help you sleep at night, that's how peaceful and overpowering it is. Imagine just being picked up by a friendly giant, but you were okay with it, and he let you sleep inside his pocket for a few days. Yeah, that kind of overpowered and peaceful.
Fantasy - Teen Daze

Hope you enjoyed the music.

Stay classy, blogosphere


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