Friday, March 23, 2012

Absence+Concert Season

Hello all,

Do you all even remember me? Well, I wasn't gone for too long, just a week, but a week without showing you today's fantastic music seems like an eternity. A hectic week of school left no time for truly appreciating what new music was out there, but I've come into plenty of free time this weekend.
Concert season is beginning, with SXSW wrapping up a week ago and more and more venues opening themselves up to crowds all across the country. Winter is over my friends, it's time to come out and listen to the music.

First song comes from a new artist I happily discovered today, Kinnie The Explorer. Located somewhere between dream and psychedelic rock, and with it I'm in heaven. The sound is like a toned down version of Tame Impala with slowed down instrumentals and softer vocals, but of the same strain.
Empyrean - Kinnie The Explorer

Another Dead Prez remix of their song "Hip Hop"? Before you cringe, keep reading. Jimi Needles mashes this mashup favorite with "Total Recall" by Flosstradamus, and actually brings a new interpretation to the song. The two songs match up much better than they do with many other mashups of "Hip Hop", so give it a listen.
Total Hip Hop Recall - Jimi Needles

This masterpiece was sent to us via SoundCloud from Edmonton-based producer AceJack. This 18 year old has some serious, and I mean serious talent. The only way I can describe this is that it's an electronic journey, taking you through genres and beats with ease and then seamlessly floating into the next style. He writes the genre as "Epic Dirty Electro Dance House" and I don't disagree with that categorization. Get going on your journey.
EPIC? - AceJack

Man, 3LAU is awesome. He always brings a bit more on each of his songs, and never sounds stale. He labels this song simply as "Sex", and again, I thought that was a very fitting self-evaluation. This song has blown up, with over 16,000 downloads on SoundCloud alone. Kap Slap's star has faded a bit, with his last few songs being real duds in my opinion. We'll have to see if 3LAU can continue to fill the college-dancefloor-filling-producer-DJ void that seems to have cropped up.
Action - 3LAU

I just love hearing great rap songs like this. No, not hip-hop, but rap. Piece of Mind just relies on the strength of his vocals and rhymes, not falling back on house or electronic backgrounds to cover for any weaknesses. The sound is like '90s rap, just a human voice and a simple bassline. This song is just meant for riding around in a car, summer night, windows down, head bobbing. Enjoy it.
Rap Phenomenon - Piece of Mind

Savor the tunes, and savor the weather.


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