Monday, March 5, 2012

Amped Up

Didn't expect to write this post today but am amped up and just got to let out these musical energies I seem to have. Just got back from seeing Project X which was one of the most fun and entertaining films I've seen in awhile. Now before you say anything about the quality of movies I must watch, you must know that if you are not in the exact target audience of this film (suburban, young, male), you could hate it and walk out. Second reason I'm amped is because of all this awesome, awesome music we've been finding here at M&M. Best thing about finding this great music is being able to play it over and over, something I've been doing with each and every one of these songs.

First up is a song that I have played probably 25 times since first hearing. Electronic masterpiece here, something to get you going for a great night out. But beware. Listening to this addicting track may program your brain to want to listen to this for days on end.
Drive Hard - PrototypeRaptor

To tell the whole truth, this song wasn't my favorite when I first heard it. But like a dog at your feet when you are eating chips, it just wouldn't go away. I kept coming back for more listens. Adds a much better background to the original Tyga song and makes this into something I really enjoy listening to.
Polish City - The Hood Internet

Basic Physics, finally, at long last, has released another single, and it's well worth the wait. In classic BP style, this song combines incredibly diverse songs into a fully integrated style that will get your blood bumping. Great buildups and releases, a sure song to add to your playlist if you plan on hosting any shin-digs.
The Encore - Basic Physics

Next song is for all you househeads out there who can't get enough bass. Dreamy and ambient in the beginning before building up to a huge drop that will leave you speechless and literally begging on your floor for more. Don't go too crazy with this one. Or do.
Roll the Dice - Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman

Last song is a very, very interesting mashup that shows the true, authentic skill of its producer, No Pets Allowed. Besides having a sweet name, this guy can mash. Period. Awesome beat and some real catchy lyrics (who would think of using Fall Out Boy). Take a listen and then take some more.
Dead Siberian Romance - No Pets Allowed

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  1. Its ok what movies you watch, your music posting skillz are great.