Monday, June 11, 2012

2,000. Boom

Hello boys and girls. If you are here with us today, then you are witnessing history as Musings and Mashups just reached 2,000 site views and over 4,000 page views! Unfreaken real

We have featured Kiely Rich on this site before with his remix of a Project 46 house track. Well he's back and he brought his game to this remix. He takes an Adventure Club banger and turns it into a completely different monster. This guy has some serious talent.
Wait - Adventure Club (Kiely Rich Remix)

You'll instantly recognize this background song when you hear it. Florence and the Machine's original sounding track, Cosmic Love, is a sweet enough track, but that didn't stop Seven Lions from turning it into a chill dubstep masterpiece.
Cosmic Love - Florence and the Machine (Seven Lions Remix)


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