Monday, June 4, 2012


Some sweet tracks coming out these past few days. Plenty of good music out there right now, make sure you grab some.

First song is a massive track by a team-up between Adventure Club and Krewella. 16,000 downloads and counting in only four days. So much energy in this track, it's almost like an exercise just listening to it. As the title of the post suggests, this song gets fairly deep into dubstep, so just be prepared. Killer lyrics as well.
Rise & Fall - Adventure Club feat. Krewella

Another huge electronic song here, this time it's Zedd dropping a huge house song that officially comes out today. There seems to be a movement of adding more lyrics into electronic songs, but with the buildups and drops still the main points. Very happy vibe to this short but sweet song.
Spectrum - Zedd

Great remix of a song we featured a little while ago, Fifteen by Goldroom. One beef that I've had more and more with the music community is the proliferation of bedroom producers who remix every big song and don't really add anything of substance. And they usually take a different or opposite direction or feel that the original song was going in. This remix though, keeps the very light and dreamy feel of the original, while adding some danceability and very interesting parts.
Fifteen - Goldroom (Oxford Remix)

Folk-Indie sensation Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros released a single a few months back that I never noticed. Has almost a Bob Dylan feel to this one, plus the drums and soft acoustic, and of course the rousing choruses that ESMZ is known for.
Man on Fire - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Learned a few weeks ago from Jacob that Zeds Dead and Zedd are different. Who knew?


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