Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Music

Who could resist with a title like that?

Ahhhh, it feels good to be writing in here again. After an awesome and thrilling vacation, I was itching to see what music the world had produced in the week I was gone. And boy was I happy. In addition to these, I did find a handful of similarly awesome chill/reflective songs, which I will be featuring in my next post. Good times ahead.

All these songs will make you move, make you dance, make you smile, make you lean back in your chair, utterly satisfied. The cool thing is how each are different, yet make you feel those same, euphoric, happy feelings.

First song here is by house producer Michael Mayeda out of Sin City. The song begins inconspicuously enough, but then launches into a mouth-smacking intro that makes you come rigidly to attention, while you are thinking to yourself, "Damn, this is gonna be awesome." Song then proceeds into glitched-out, wonderful sounds.
Perfect Ending - Michael Mayeda

Now I've never been a Sean Paul fan. Really I've only heard his hit song "Temperature" and that's about it. You can't understand a thing coming out of his mouth in that song by the way. Despite my trepidation however, I got hooked onto this track by DJ Wood. He calls this song's genre Ghetto Funk, and I couldn't think of a better label.
Get Bendy - DJ Wood

A new genre sweeping (maybe not sweeping) the blogosphere has been electro-swing. I'm excited. Electro-swing combines the big brass elements of 1920s swing with trance/electro beats of its own. Think that won't make a song that will get your feet bouncing? Think again, my friend.
Catgroove - Parov Stelar

Myndset has been a regular in the remix genre for awhile. He doesn't drop songs often, but when he does, they might as well be atom bombs, as they always light up the 'sphere. This one has a long buildup, where you are only vaguely aware it is happening, but at the drop, the good vibes emanating from your speakers will overload your ears. Enjoy.
Kick Out the Full Access Motherfucker - MYNDSET

Spine-tingling vocals. Check. House/trancestep epicness. Check. Goliat is on to something with this track. Suddenly in the middle I realize I should be looking up at the brilliant stars above also. I dare you not to like this one.
Million Stars Come Out - Goliat

A strange phenomenon is listening to a song, not liking it, then listening to it again, decide it's alright, and then a few listens later, you suddenly can't get enough of it. This is my story with this track. The Two Friends drop this remix, and as I've gushed before, I can't get enough of their stuff.  This song will grow on you as well, especially the absolutely heavy, gritty, electro parts.
Best of Me - Carousel (The Two Friends Remix)

Lots of tracks for everyone today, I stumbled on some goldmines today while looking for music. I hope these songs made you get up and dance.

Till next time,


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