Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Love Music

It's just really awesome sometimes. Nowadays, all I need is a computer and the entire world of music is opened up. Days like today, I opened my computer up and by the time I closed it, I had listened to many songs I loved and heard every artist I posted below for the first time. Love it when things work out like this.

We are experimenting with the design here, trying to incorporate more Soundcloud plugins instead of hulkshare players. We won't have to go through the trouble of uploading the files ourselves, and the plugin is much prettier. Expect some changes in the site's layout while we find what works best.

Starting out is awesome rap which took me back to the early days of B.o.B, one of my favorite rappers. Head bumping beats, authentic lyrics, and I would venture to say that rappers produce their best material when they are trying to get noticied, speaking straight from the heart, not to any crowds.
Gimme - DONNIS feat. BSBD

Next up is one of the best chilled out electro songs I've heard in a long time. If you don't bump your head and tap your feet while listening to this, you are probably not human. One of the disadvantages of going through Soundcloud is less access to downloadable content, but there are some songs just too awesome to not post.
Balearic Incarnation - Dolle Jolle

This song is by producer GZUS who has some very interesting stuff, ranging all genres. It's very hard to pull off the sincere, heartfelt remix, which GZUS pulls off on a regular basis. Down to earth beat with dream-pop lyrics. Get lost in Pictures.
Pictures - Benjamin Francis Leftwich (GZUS Remix)

It's hard to sound sincere these days. That's why you'll notice that I'll describe a lot of the music I post here as sincere. I can't really put words to it, but by listening to music, both good and bad, there's a certain sound you hear in fake, insincere songs, especially in the indie genre. That's why when you find a band like Lady Danville, you need to hold on for dear life because what they produced is truly something special in an ocean of mediocre music.
Operating - Lady Danville


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